It’s Almost Time!

In just five short days, our tour choir will be on its way to the Baltic States – Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia – for WVC’s second international tour. And boy, are we excited! With only one rehearsal left, our singers are preparing to bring WVC’s sound to European audiences once again.

Why are we going on tour again? The goal of this tour is fourfold: (1) To appreciate and understand women’s choral traditions across the globe. (2) To bring American music to other locales. (3) To give us the unique opportunity to combine travel and music making. (4) To enhance group cohesion and help us make better music together.

Each of the Baltic States has a rich culture of folk and choral singing. Our tour choir has been working hard on several pieces from each country that we are eager to perform. The theme of our upcoming concerts is crossing borders, and what better way for us to connect as we travel than with the music of the lands we’re visiting?

We hope you’ll keep up with us as we sing our way across Europe – stay tuned for posts and photos from the road! And be sure to check out our Shutterfly album for even more photos – and, as always, like and follow our Facebook page for the latest in WVC news all year long!


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